Right after 3 months and 26 days of my Shaadi, now I can easily say that Engagement ki tarhan Shaadi bhi WOHI Laddu hai jo khaaye.. wo bhi pashtaaye .. aur jo na khaaye.. wo shayad thora kam pashtaaye!

3 months ago, I was about to leave my home for good.. but thanks to my aik number k dash bhaaye.. that they didn’t give me any chance to cry…whenever my amma tried to create an emotional scene.. both my bros made us laugh..even at the time of my rukhsati..when as per the Rasam.. an emotional situation was automatically created with a song ”MehLon ka Raja milaa… k Raani beti raaaj karay gi.” In the background… my younger bro gave me a tight hug.. and whispered in my ears… “Yaar movie ban rahe hai teri chawal… shakal theek kar…bohat pashtaaye gi”.. and I don’t know y I automatically made my facial expressions straight

My honeymoon was overall a Great, terrific FLOP.. I am not going in details.. I will write another story on it.. Kher, right now m sitting in my dream-come-true type room… it’s a beautiful Saturday night…and I am trying to convince myself that my Shaadi ka laddu is actually “Meetha”.. but whenever I try to chew it.. it turns karwa…& sometimes extremely Karwa…

After one month of my wedding.. my Saas announced that “Kheer pakaye” rasam.. & since I didn’t know how to make Kheer… I offered to make Trifle.. I was a great “Phohar Larki”.. and my amma’s one sentence echoed again and again that day…..“Naak katwaye gi ja k meri susral mein”..
I boiled 2 liters of milk.. and took one cup out of it.. as per the instructions written on the packet.. I added 5 tablespoons of custard in the cup.. but WHATSS THISSS..?
Can u imagine..!? the more I tried to mix it up.. the more “GuthLiaan” were appearing… & my nanha sa DiL was kia horaha hai abay kia karun… uffff merey Allah…!!!! I ran upstairs and called my bhabi..
“Bhaabi yaar ye to guthliaan banti jarahe hein doodh mein” issi ko mix kardun baaqi doodh mein? Wo mein ne boil karlia hai”
& my bhaabi shouted..”Khudaaaa k wastay..!! Ufff..!! pagal tumhen thanday doodh mein mix karna thha na custard.. garam mein kia hai jabhi to ye Guthliaan bani hein”..,. I was like “hein..?:o”
I took her promise that she wouldn’t tell that to her SAAS (oh yes..! my amma :D) & ran downstairs for Disaster Management
Kher.. leave all the details.. when everyone was having custard .. I disappeared khamoshi se
I didn’t listen any RASMI taareefi Jumlay later on… I asked Ali.. “Sunen, custard kesa bana thha?? Sach sach batayen…??
Ali told me point blank..! “yaar meetha ziada thha.. jelly sahe nahe jami thhi…aur custard paani paani horaha thha.. baaqi theek thha.. kher tum tension na lo.. ya to tumhen pakana ajaye ga.. ya merey ghar walay set hojayen gay :D”
“Naak katwaye gi ja k meri susral mein” !!:D [haaye amma u were so so right..!]
The only thing that I learnt to make at very young age.. was “Rotiaan”.. I was roti expert… & this roti expertise mujhe actually mein Le doobi hai the only thing I do in susral daily is to kneed the flour and to pakaying 16 rotiaaan .. yes DAILY

Ok…its 11:00pm, I m now leaving… Ja k aata goondhna hai aur rotiaan pakani hein.. phir Inn k Kapray istri karnay hein [I just cant beliv.. this is Me..!!! :D]

Thanks to all my Facebook besties to be here to read all that when I can’t share it with any of my close relations.. even my amma and Ali




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