* SHAADI ki tarhan MANGNI bhi wohi ‘Laddu’ hai.. jo khaaye wo bhi Pachtaaye.. jo na khaaye wo bhi Pachtaaye *
When the proposal of my “Un” was under consideration.. Ammi was strongly of the view to give them the wedding date directly… But I strongly opposed her..! I wanted to enjoy the beautiful engagement period.. so according to my wish baba said “Haan” to that family.. .. I was so happy…. not because of engagement but because I was expecting some very special treatment from both sides during this Engagement fantasy… I was seeing myself to be treated as a Princess..
Thanks to bhabi that she took my “Un” number.. & then I started talking to him,… What a pretending period it is… We both pretend as If we are the only mature, sensible and decent on earth
— But what the heck it is..?! the very next day of my formal engagement my younger brother sadly asked me “Yaar ab raat ko chips kon banaye ga”.. I was shocked to see his ‘Meanness’… I hardly came from this shock.. then after a day he again said “yaar net k pesey b nahe do gi kia’… I said hell to him 1000 times. Ammi keeps on telling me the “Do’s and Don’ts at Susral…ehh!
Now my every little innocent mistake becomes a huge controversial issue at my home.. I regularly hear my ammi 10 times a day “naak katwaao gi jaa k meri susraal mein”….. [ as If I’ll only have her nose issue there
They never care of my innocent emotions …. Irrespective of my feelings.. my younger bro keeps asking me.. “har haftey aaya karo gi kia..??”…. “Tumhari sub cheezen computer mein se delete kardun .. ya kuch copy karo gi”??? …
My bhabi forgot my helping hand in all home chores…. She said “Yaar ali to itna attach hogaya hai tum se.. ab mujhe tang kia karey ga”…
I got over emotional.. and one day at dinner I asked ammi that I wanted to eat biryani cooked by her…. Baba immediately said ’ “Kal se Saira tum pakao gi khana” ammi added.. ”haan wahan tray saj k nahe aaye gi”.. “Kal pakana biryaani tum” ….. I was like..”Whatttttttttttttt”?????? [ I thanked God.. that my fiance hates biryani.. :D]
how rude they all are..!:(
& the irony is now when that engagement fantasy has ended.. and the days of my wedding are getting nearer.. and I am getting abnormally emotional….my fiancé has totally changed..!
Now he never tells me that how much he loves me.. and how many times he misses me… Now just after hello.. he asks straightly.. “aaj kia pakaya.. aur kis kis ne khaya”… “Kitney ghantey online raheen”…. How mean..Now before receiving his call.. I always sms him “Dont ask what my family ate today.. Huh..!!”
I am really confused….. is that ‘Laddu’ meetha or not..?:/ as long as m Chewing this Laddu.. it is turning KARWA day by day … now I am Waiting for my Wedding day… :D:D


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