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Dear Brides, We know what bridezillas are. We know how sweet and innocent women turn into complete creatures of destruction because they are getting married “because” they want it all perfect, they cannot afford to screw up and they want it all – Basically. Shadi Shenanigans brings to all those brides – a simple concept. Make your wedding easier. Oh yes, we’ve got it all. From items that are not easily available near you at the cheapest rates possible to the glammed up unique pieces that you don’t find everywhere. We also have a secret weapon in store for you brides – a secret shopper. Who is going to run around the markets of our Pyarey Pakistan and find the things you are looking for. All you need to do is to send us a picture. You can email them at info@dulhaanddulhan.com or just simply upload them through our upload facility on our website here. We also do another kind of running around. A lot of brides don’t have access to booking facilities like booking their favorite make up artist or getting their halls in time because they are either abroad or travelling. We take that duty upon ourselves as well for a small fee. Enjoy the many things that dulhaanddulhan brings to you – break a leg.

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